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It’s no accident that great things are growing at Frey Farms! 
Months of research go into our growing and crop management plans long before we ever plant the first seed or seedling. Our Farm Manager and Crop Specialists, in conjunction with leaders in Industry and Education, compare numerous hybrids and varieties, selecting just the right seed for each soil type and growing season. Varietal Selection on a farm by farm basis ensures the best match between each plant’s needs and the environment in which it will eventually grow. 
Frey Farms has its own on-site greenhouse and plant nursery facilities where our Watermelon and Cantaloupe seedlings get the best attention possible. Special care in the early stages of plant development is often the difference between good and great when it comes to a final product. Our precise temperature and humidity control reduces many common stresses to young plants. Keeping stress low enables our seedlings to devote all their energy into becoming strong, healthy plants.
After emergence or transplanting our young crops get daily attention. We continually scout for any signs of trouble and work hard to be proactive towards the needs of our crop. Irrigation is precisely controlled per daily supervision of each farm’s water needs. Bees from Local Keepers as well as wild honey bees assist in the natural pollination of our crop.
After months of planning and detailed management, we hand harvest our Cantaloupes, Watermelons, Pumpkins, Gourds and Ornamental Fall Produce to the rave reviews of consumers nationwide. 
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